We are sixteen year old schoolboys. Eighty-four year old dying men.Thirty-two year old single moms.Nineteen year old career-women.But we still are all in pre-school. Each and everyone. We never grew out.Think about it.May answer your questions one day.

verything to say

December 25th, 2005 + 2:12 PM  ·  Preschool

Instrumental acoustic song .

Purer .

December 25th, 2005 + 7:12 AM  ·  Preschool

Recorded on acoustic guitar . This is my second song , after Lead . Let me know if this is worth listening to . Thanks!

Empty vessels have a choice
and as i sing  this broken voice
is searching for something
to call my own

time will tell if i have a say
i will wait and i will stay
and for you i will pray

and as i try to lose control
as you mend this big black hole
i can't fake my breath

what you said will remain
it won't wash away the pain
of losing what i could have had

but purer
is all i have
and purer
is all you can get
is purer
you have made me
mark my words
but is this my final answer
every single moment to me
you are
you are purer

together we fear
what never was here before
our minds are so alike
you shouldn't be scared anymore

curing me is curing you
so tell me what to do
the worst is not over now
but i ended up searching you

and as i sing this one more time
i want to hear your words
and from rooftops and broken avenues
we will get

purer ........

pure is not

we only have purer

what's me is what's you

you will only get purer

....and so much for my stolen ending
so much for the broken time you gave
i will steal a moment's glance and
look at you is all i have

and everything is losing power
people places that we share
and if our thoughts would just sit together
i just wish i would be there

just don't walk away .

Still trying

October 20th, 2005 + 2:10 PM  ·  Preschool

its a small piece. It sounds a little discontinuous but it was intended to be that way.
listen to it a couple of times, maybe you'll like it.


August 3rd, 2005 + 9:08 AM  ·  Preschool

This started out as one of those meaningless post-punk songs , you know , the emo kind . But I really liked what I was doing and went ahead . The lyrics really make sense to me , I don't know if they would to you too though . This was one of the first songs I ever recorded , and if it sounds too simple and stupid for you, I beg forgiveness .  It's meant to be like that .

Thanks for listening by the way.


I think you should be afraid your guts are almost falling out
evil monkeys rise and fall but empires stay beautiful

Why should I be like everybody else?
Why should they lead but I bleed like hell?

She's so beautiful I could almost rip her eyes out
and see
and see
for the first time in my life

And everyone knows you're hiding
you're hiding in the dark
And everyone knows you're crying
but you won't return their calls
Mother told me to get back
I took the wrong train home

The only thing which makes sense in this world
is Chewbacca
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